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The PCSW provides information, research and analysis to elected officials and the public regarding issues affecting the status of women. The bills we testify on are representative of our priority issues. Our legislative priorities can be found here and our 2014 Policy Agenda can be found here. Additionally, the PCSW publishes a report of its legislative activity each year after session has ended.


2014 Testimony of the PCSW

Testimony is listed in chronological order by committee

Aging Committee

S.B. 177, AAC a Community Spouse’s Allowable Assets, H.B 5001, AA Providing Rental Cost Relief to Eligible Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, H.B 5224, AA Increasing Public Assistance to Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children & H.B 5225, AA Increasing Eligibility for the Connecticut Home-Care Program for the Elderly (2/24/2014)

Appropriation’s Committee

S.B. 340, AAC A Two-Generational School Readiness Plan (3/7/2014)

Children’s Committee

H.B. 5035, AAC Toxic Fire Retardants in Children’s Products, H.B. 5036, AAC Children’s Products and Chemicals of High Concern & H.B. 5354, AAC Chemicals of High Concern to Children (3/6/2014)

Commerce Committee

H.B. 5269, AA Creating Parity Between Paid Sick Leave Benefits and Other Employer-Provided Benefits & H.B. 5275, AAC the Learn Here, Live Here Program and Business Creation (2/27/2014)

Environment Committee

S.B. 316, AA Requiring the Labeling of Food Products that are Packaged in Materials that Contain Bisphenol-A (3/7/2014)

Government, Administration and Elections Committee

S.B. 452, AA Implementing the Initial Findings of the Disparity Program Concerning the Minority Business Set-Aside Program (3/17/2014)

Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee

S.B. 401, AAC Workforce Diversity Standards of Contractors Performing Work at Southern Connecticut State University (3/11/2014)

H.B. 5029, AAC Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence on Campus (2/11/2014)

Insurance & Real Estate Committee

S.B. 191, AA Concerning Health Insurance Coverage of Orally and Intravenously Administered Medications & H.B. 5245, AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients (3/6/2014)

H.B. 5363, AA Prohibiting Gender Rating as a Rating Factor for Long-Term Care Insurance Policies (3/4/2014)

S.B. 8, AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening & S.B. 10, AAC Deductibles for Breast Ultrasound Screenings (2/18/2014)

Judiciary Committee

H.B. 5593, AAC Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (3/31/2014)

H.B. 5569, AA Establishing a Child Nursery Facility at the Connecticut Correctional Institution, Niantic (3/24/2014)

S.B. 462, AAC Civil Restraining and Protective Orders (3/17/2014)

Labor & Public Employees Committee

H.B. 5527, AAC A Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights (3/13/2014)

S.B. 249, AA Promoting Retirement Savings (3/11/2014)

H.B. 5283, AAC Expansion of Family Medical Leave (2/27/2014)

S.B. 32, AA Concerning Working Families’ Wages (2/18/2014)

Public Health Committee

H.B. 460, AAC Hospital Conversions and Other Matters Affecting Hospitals & H.B. 5571, AAC Certificate of Need Requirements, Hospital Conversions and Medical Foundations (3/19/2014)

S.B. 126, AAC Children’s Exposure to Chemicals (2/28/2014)

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