The State’s Leading Force for Women’s Equality


Through our networks and professional affiliations, the programs and policy work of the PCSW is held in extremely high regard and applauded by the other women’s commissions represented in all of the New England states. Connecticut has an exemplary commission.

Those of us who fight for women’s equal place in the world—whether it’s locally, at the state level, or federally—know the work must continue; women have not yet reached equal footing and until we do the PCSW, the commission that tirelessly works to improve the lives of Connecticut women, is a necessary, critical component of representative government.

Kimberly Sansoucy, Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women

Having been one of the founders of the Commission and serving as a Commissioner with Rep. Chris Shays  in the early years we were confident that creating it as  Permanent Commission guaranteed its continued existence.  Eliminating it should not be an option.  Although we have come a long way there is still much work to be done to  guarantee equality for all.  When I was present for the original signing of the creative legislation by Governor Thomas Meskill it was never imagined that elimination would ever be proposed.  Keep the Promise of Permanent.

Suzanne Saunders Taylor, Ph.D.


The PCSW does a lot of important work, on a lot of different issues, all related to bettering the status of women. Be it legislative action, community networking, or youth organizing, the PCSW is integral to supporting the female-identifying community in Connecticut. Although I have recently become familiar with their work, I can’t imagine what our state would be like without having this important organization present, involved, and constantly engaged. In the world we live in, gender inequality is still all too common: women still need a voice, and need to be represented in a way that caters to their unique way of being in the world. The PCSW helps to fulfill that goal.

Johanna DeBari

DeBari 2014 (2)

PCSW is a vital link for policy-making and legislation between women in all walks of life and the state legislature and governor. Women’s associations and small business owners depend upon PCSW for information about state programs and initiatives that affect women in particular. The Commission performs a vital function for the state’s community of women with a minuscule budget. It has put Connecticut at the forefront of policy-making on women’s issues.

Charlotte M. Shapiro