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PCSW is a Watchdog for Women’s Equality

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Annual Reports

PCSW Annual Report 2011

PCSW Annual Report 2010

PCSW Annual Report 2009

PCSW Annual Report 2008

PCSW Annual Report 2006-2007

PCSW Annual Report 2005-2006

Legislative Reports

2012 Legislative Report

2011 Legislative Report

2010 Legislative Report

2009 Legislative Report

2008 Legislative Report

Legislative/Policy Agenda

PCSW Agenda 2012

PCSW Agenda 2011

PCSW Agenda 2010


2011 Directory of Women’s Organizations in Connecticut

Guide to Women’s Health Rights in Connecticut

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Consultants


Trafficking Council Annual Report 2011

Trafficking Council Annual Report 2010

Trafficking Council Annual Report 2009

Trafficking Council Annual Report 2008

Interagency Task Force on Trafficking in Persons Final Report 2007

Women’s History

Selected Highlights of Women in History

Continuing Progress for Connecticut Women

As I Remember It: Reflections of the Past 35 Years With the PCSW


Limited hard copies of our publications are available. Email  to request copies.

For older reports, please visit the State Library at 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford for archived hard copies.