Elder Economic Security Initiative (EESI)

Elder Economic Security Initiative (EESI)

About the Study:

A comprehensive understanding of the true costs associated with living as an older adult in Connecticut today is critical to the formation of responsible public policy. Currently, there is inadequate data for Connecticut’s lawmakers and community leaders to make informed decisions that support stronger communities, the PCSW teamed up with the Connecticut Commission on Aging, Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) and The Gerontology Institute of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, to study the economic status of our older citizens in March of 2009.

The result is the release of two ground-breaking studies on elder economic security (click on links provided to view and/or download):

The Elder Economic Security Standard Index for Connecticut (EESI) – the first study of its kind to calculate the cost of living for older adults in different parts of the state; and

Elders Living on the Edge: Toward Economic Security for Connecticut’s Older Adults – a companion brief which examines the impact of public support in bridging the gap between income and expenses.


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