File a Complaint

Discrimination Complaints

The PCSW has a statutory mandate to receive and refer all issues of sex discrimination to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). The CHRO is the state agency responsible for enforcing Connecticut’s anti-discrimination laws.

Should you wish to file a complaint, please complete the “Request to File Complaint” form and return it to the PCSW as soon as possible. The “Request to File Complaint” form is for our agency records and does not constitute a formal complaint. A copy of your form will be sent to the CHRO who will contact you, set up a date and time, and take your complaint by asking you to complete and sign a legal affidavit. Your complaint is not filed until the CHRO has called you and you have submitted the affidavit, which is your signed account of the discrimination.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rosemary Lopez at